The words of Dr. Anbumani about his vision for Tamil Nadu

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A state that was known for its culture and glory is today in a state of trans. Home to the highest number of widows, Tamil Nadu tops the charts when it comes to mortality rates due to consumption of alcohol. Apart from contributing to being the highest in road traffic accidents, Tamil Nadu also has the highest percentage of suicides; all of which is contributed by alcohol consumption.


My vision for a liquor free Tamil Nadu will begin with my first signature for total prohibition of alcohol in the state that will put an end to the serious social menace that has been confronting the poor families of Tamil Nadu. I will ensure;


  • The Introduction of alternate sources of income to combat the revenue loss incurred by prohibition of alcohol and implement other ways of revenue generation so that the welfare schemes that are dependent on this revenue that contributes to about one third of the state’s revenue can be looked after
  • The implementation of stringent laws to ensure prohibition and elimination illicit liquor production and sale in the state


Indian history has implanted in me two strong thoughts. One is the incredible optimism and potential of a place that I would like to term ‘Development’ and the other is the betrayal of that place that I term ‘Corruption’. The enemy to development and good governance will be weeded out to build a strong system of justice that people can trust.


  • Decentralised and transparent administrative reforms will be implemented to ensure people centric governance. Lokayutha will ensure public probity which I strongly advocate to bring in, The ‘Right to Public Service Act’ that will facilitate time bound delivery of services to citizens such as issuing ration cards, licenses, certificates etc. will be brought to action
  • A toll free number will be introduced under the CM’s cell to receive complaints against cases of corruption practiced by government employees


Rated as the most predominant sector in the economy of Tamil Nadu with nearly 70% of the population being engaged in agricultural activites, this sector is not far from being recognised as the pride occupation of the state. The agricultural scenario in Tamil Nadu is in a state of crisis due to the ground water shortage that is rated at a 70% low contributed by the indiscriminate usage of water without any novel idea.


  • To ensure this sector is given its due focus, a separate budget for agriculture will be drafted
  • Check dams, one for every five kilometres across key rivers in the state, such as Palar, Cauvery, Vaigai and Thamirabarani will be constructed and a separate ministry for this purpose will be formulated and efforts will be taken to link all rivers in Tamil Nadu
  • All small and marginal farmers will receive free solar 5HP water pumps within the first two years of the regime
  • Agricultural product prices will be fixed based on the investments made by the farmer in a particular crop so as to ensure no farmer incurs loss during procurement
  • Collaborative efforts with country like Israel will be initiated to incorporate advanced agricultural technologies and modern machinery for development
  • Organic farming and horticulture will be promoted within the state
  • A 100% subsidy for micro irrigation will be introduced
  • Self entrepreneurship amongst the rural agricultural community will be encouraged thereby providing them with job opportunities and employment


The foundation of every state is the education of its youth. It is disheartening to note that the past 50 years of the Dravidian rule has showcased fiery statistics that account to about 28.18% rural children in Tamil Nadu never having entered schools. The percentage of students having completed 10th standard is about 14.10% which is lower than that of Bihar. The sad state is that Tamil Nadu ranks backward in comparison to its neighbors Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. In due to course, to make Tamil Nadu the no.1 literate state in the country:


  • Education will be made compulsory across the state and available to all free of cost for students from all walks of life
  • Focus will be on enhancing the current quality of education in the state by implementing a central system of ‘Samacheer Kalvi’ that will be on par with the CBSE standard of education
  • To ensure going to school is not seen as a burden, advanced technologies will be incorporated at schools and students will be projected to new forms of learning through technology. Notepads will be given to students free of cost to reduce the burden of carrying note books to school


The goal of a real healthcare reform is to ensure high quality, universal coverage and yet cost effective. As a medical practitioner and having served office as the Union health minister at the centre, I would be failing in my duty if I would relax my focus on healthcare for my people of this state. Therefore, my primary effort will be;


  • To provide free, qualitative and comprehensive healthcare for all the people in Tamil Nadu
  • The focus will be more on preventive healthcare services. Modern systems of medicine will be provided in tandem with traditional systems like Siddha, ayurvedha and the rest
  • Efforts will be taken to improve the public health infrastructure across the state by setting up state of the art medical centres and medical colleges
  • Focus will be given to increase investments in the health sector in the state by inviting public private partnership in the setting up of healthcare centres


The success of a government is often calculated based on its growth quotient in terms of industrial growth. In order to make Tamil Nadu, the most preferred investment destination in the country it needs to be seen as a conducive environment for industries to thrive. Keeping in mind the factors that would attract investment, I assure;


  • The Introduction of the single window clearance system that will enable a speedy process to set up industries within the state
  • Creation of a land bank that will ease the acquisition of fellow lands for industrial purposes
  • Drafting of a zonal blueprint that will project areas suitable for specific industries to thrive hence resulting in more investment interest by large industries focused to ensure sustained growth
  • High subsidy for investments in the rural sectors
  • Twenty four hour sustained power to all the industries and a corruption free governmental system particularly in industrial sanctions
  • Construction and development of highways linking ports, airports & industrial clusters


One of the major factors of a country or state’s economy depends on is human capital. It also holds true that human capital is a major attraction for organizations to invest in a particular state or region apart from other policy and environmental aspects. That said, building a skilled talent base that suits specific sectors also requires equal efforts from the government. I will ensure;


  • To improve investment thereby leading to employment opportunities within the state will indeed be the focus
  • Opportunities will be made available for people to enhance both their hard and soft skills by instituting vocational education centres across the state