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1. Budget allocation for Education will increased by4% of the GSDP. In other words, the present allocation will be doubled
2. The Govt. promises to providefree education to all right from kinder garden. The Govt. will prescribe fees for students studying in private schoolsand the fee will be paid by the Govt.
3. The standard of Tamil Nadu Govt. schools will be raised and made on a par with Central Govt. run Kendra Vidyalas. To ensure the school’s quality standards are maintained, a‘Director of School Standards’ will be appointed in every district in Tamil Nadu
4. A new education policy will be framed incorporating the salient features of the Central Board of School Education (CBSE). This policy will be implemented from the academic year 2017-18
5. Children will longer face the burden of carrying books to school. Each student will be given a ‘tablet’ and through the concept of e-bag- an online platform, lessons will be taught
6. To make school travel hassle free for students, special ‘STUDENT ONLY BUSSES’ will be introduced
7. To enable students crack national level entrance examinations with ease, special coaching classes will be organized at schools for student’s right from 9th standard onwards
8. Teachers currently working in government schools on a contractual basis or on a consolidated pay basis for subjects like computer science and other special subjects will be regularised
9. Necessary steps will be taken to raise the pay structure for private schools teachers on a par with that of Govt. teachers
10. Skill-based education, Knowledge based education and vocational education will be introduced. In this regard, more vocational courses will be added to the existing plus one (11th STD) syllabus. These new courses will be offered as optional for students
11. The existing ‘Parents-Teacher’s Associations’ will be converted into ‘School Management Committees’. The committee will be empowered to take decisions regarding the school infrastructure and execute programmes within the school
12. Sports, Yoga, Vocational training and moral science will be given more importance with additional subject time allocation
13. Right from the very ‘pen that a student uses to free bus passes, ipad etc’ (Education aids) will be given free to all. Free internet connection will also be provided
14. Every student will be given a health smart card and an annual health screening will be organized for students
15. Importance will be given to Tamil medium of instruction

Higher Education

16. Education loans borrowed from public sector banks for higher education will be waived off
17. A government arts and science college for women will be started at every district in the State
18. Skill based education will be extended to colleges and polytechnic institutions with an assurance for employment
19. To provide technical vocational education and training (TVET) world class vocational and technical education institutions will be set up. The Govt. will create an environment for job assurance for students studying in these institutions
20. In 15 districts that do not currently host a medical college, new medical colleges will be set up. A Siddha medical college will be set up in Vizhupuram
21. The Govt. will take efforts to set up the Indian Institute of Science, Education and Research- IISER
22. Six Unitary universities will be set up across the state. The primary objective of these universities will be for academic research and development
23. Tamil Nadu will be divided into five zones and in every zone one Tamil Nadu Institute of Technology will be set up on par with the IIT. An Agricultural University and Law University each will be set up in all these five zones
24. All the university constituent colleges will be converted to Govt. status. The professors working in these colleges on consolidated pay will be regularised as Govt. employees


Health care

25. The Govt. will provide free healthcare to all. People of Tamil Nadu will not be required to spend a single penny on healthcare
26. To ensure free healthcare delivery to all ‘Tamil Nadu Health Mission’ – a new plan will be implemented
27. The Govt. will provide health insurance to all and will absorb the cost of insurance itself
28. To assist cancer and cardio vascular patients purchase high cost medicines, a separate corpus fund will be set up
29. Generic medicines will be promoted in order to curb price rise of medicines
30. Super specialty hospital will be set up in each district. The district super specialty hospital will be connected to the other Govt. hospitals through information technology integration
31. The maternity allowance for pregnant women during pregnancy will be increased from Rs.12, 000 to Rs. 20,000
32. Accredited social health activists ASHA’s will be appointed in all 79,394 villages in Tamil Nadu. The ASHA’s will deliver health assistance to pregnant women during labour
33. All Primary Health Centre’s (PHC) will be upgraded to 24*7 first aid hospitals gradually.
34. The hospitals and colleges in Tamil Nadu will be linked to the World famous medical universities such as Harvard, John Hopkins and Standford
35. Exclusive care sections for senior citizens will be set up in all district headquartered hospitals
36. One litre milk will be provided free for a year daily to the mothers post delivery till the baby completes one year of age
37. Under school health screening program, all school children will be screened periodically. A smart health card will be given to all students for this purpose
38. Health screening will be done to all the citizens as part of preventive healthcare. Health research will be given importance.


39. A separate budget for agriculture will be constituted. Suggestions of farmers will be included in the budget proposal.
40. There will be three Ministries’ for the development of agriculture with two new separate ministers for horticulture and irrigation.
41. All agricultural aids like quality seeds, fertilizers and insecticides and motor pumps will be given free
42. One tractor per panchayat will be given free by the Govt. for farmers to use
43. Sugarcane purchase price will be increased to Rs.4, 000 per ton and paddy purchase price will be increased to Rs.2, 200 per quintal
44. Agricultural loans will be waived off and a farmer’s pay commission will be created
45. An agricultural special economic zone will be established in every district
46. Food processing units and export zones will be set up in all districts of the state. This will lead to increase in the quantum of exports and usher in new job opportunities.
47. Tamil Nadu will be divided into four zones with an Agricultural University in each. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) will be signed between the Israeli Agriculture department and these Agricultural Universities to introduce innovative techniques of cultivation and bring the state-of-the-art technology to Tamil Nadu
48. Genetic crops will be banned
49. Centers for direct procurement of paddy will be established in large numbers across Delta districts and as much required in the other districts.
50. Like in the case of Delhi and Bengaluru, Safal market will be set up in Tamil Nadu as well
51. Permission will be granted to process and sell PadaNeer from Palm and Neera from Coco trees.
52. The Govt. will take necessary steps to protect fertile land


53. A separate Ministry for Irrigation will be created with a full-fledged minister made in charge
54. A massive irrigation plan will be implemented at the cost of Rs.50, 000 in the next 5 years
55. The Avinasi – Athikaduvu, Pandiar –Punnampugha and Metur surplus water schemes will be executed
56. The land benefitted by irrigation will be increased from the current 33 lakh hectare to 60 lakh hectares. While the land benefitted from agriculture will be increased from 48 lakh hectare to 1 crore hectare
57. One check dam will be built in the course of every 5 kilometers across canals and rivers
58. The Govt. will take necessary efforts to interconnect the rivers flowing in Tamil Nadu.
59. All big lakes like the Veeranam Lake, Ponneri Lake and R. S. Mangalam Lake will be cleaned and reclaimed.

Prohibition of Alcohol

60. Total prohibition of Alcohol will be made effective if voted to power. The Chief Minister of the PMK Government will pledge his first signature to order the implementation of total prohibition in Tamil Nadu
61. The license given to liquor factories in Tamil Nadu will be cancelled and the factories will be forced to shut shop
62. Special schemes and programs will be implemented to offset the revenue loss on account of implementing prohibition, curb illicit liquor, and to treat the alcoholic patients
63. The Govt. will support the women who have lost their husbands due to alcoholism to start micro businesses.
64. Public who provide information on the production or sale of illicit liquor will be rewarded.
65.In every area, the panchayat president, Village Administrative Officer (VAO), the police inspector of that area will be made responsible for the lapses in controlling illicit liqour. It will be part of the duties of every district Collector. All those who fail to be accountable will have to face stern action.
66. Special court to look into cases concerning illicit liquor will be set up. The cases will be heard and judgement will be given within 6 months and these 6 months will be non bailable period.
67. Stringent laws will be enforced by the government to the extent of life imprisonment forpeople producing illicit liquor

Elimination of Corruption

68. In an effort to eliminate corruption, the Lokayukta Act will be enacted in the very first session of the newly constituted assembly.
69. The Chief Minister and other ministers will also be bought under the act
70. The Right to Public Service act will be enacted
71. The Information Commission with 10 members and the head will be made transparent
72. All government offices will be digitized. They will all be connected through a network to promote e-governance
73. District collectors and at the district level and respective department secretaries at the departmental level will be appointed as Anti Corruption Officers. If corruption charges are proven in their respective departments, not only those found guilty but also those who failed to monitor will be made to face disciplinary action
74. CCTV cameras will be installed across all government offices
75. A three-digit toll free number will be instituted and made available for people to report corruption cases


76. The assets of the Chief Minister and his Cabinet ministers will be subjected to auditing on the first working day in January every year
77. Every minister’s performance will be assessed at the end of every year and his/her work will be made public for people’s feedback
78. Cabinet meeting will be convened in one of the districts on a monthly basis. Similarly, a committee headed by the CM will visit every district every month to assess district related problems
79. The govt’s policy decisions will be taken on a consensual basis. Before implementation, the draft resolutions will be placed before the public and suggested changes will be incorporated
80. The state of TN will be divided into 5 zones in order to decentralize the administrative powers of the executive. Reach zone will have an administrative officer at the rank of Chief secretory. The officers will be given decision making powers regarding the administration of each zone/region.
81. Trichy will be made the second capital of the state
82. In tune with the philosophy, “Small is beautiful”, the number of districts and blocks will be increased based on a people population of about 12 lakhs (approx) for administrative convenience and effective dispensation.
83. For public to inform their grievances, toll-free telephone services will be installed in the CM’s office and in every district collector’s office

Legislative Upper House

84. The legislative upper house will be reinstated in TN
85. Convening the assembly 4 times a year and conducting the assembly session for 100 days in a year will be made mandatory. The proceedings of the assembly will be live telecast.
86. Before preparing the budget, the government will hold consultation sessions with people in all districts
87. Before the annual budget, Action taken report, Outcome budget, and Economic survey will be tabled.
88. To ensure effective implementation of the agricultural welfare schemes, a cabinet committee on agriculture will be constituted
89. An Independent Police Authority will be set up with sincere and honest police officers to ensure independent police activities and avoid unnecessary interference
90. Video cameras will be installed across all police stations
91. 50% reservation will be given for women in local bodies

Industrial Development

92. The Chief Minister will spend 3 hours a week to meet industrialists wanting to invest in Tamil Nadu
93.License to start new industries will be given within 3 weeks. All licenses will be granted through the single window clearance system
94. A separate investment cell be set up in the CM’s office to help industrialists/entrepreneurs who want to invest Rs.100 Crore or more in the State
95. The tamil diaspora who would want to invest in the state would be given preference for approval, land allotment and tax investment subsidy.
96.60% Industrial products in Tamil Nadu are produced in Chennai, 15% in Coimbatore and the remaining 25% in other places. To offset this industrial imbalance, more industries will be started, especially in the southern districts
97. A special program for commencing industries in the southern distorts will be implemented.
98. The infrastructure facilities will be strengthened in the Nanguneri special economic zone in order to commence new industries in the region
99. The Madurai – Tuticorin industrial corridor will be commenced soon and efforts will be taken to initiate new industries
100. The Govt. will start a vocational education institute and vacation training center in each district in order to develop an employable human resource ecosystem for the industry
101. An IT corridor will be formed, comprising Hosur, Krishnagiri and Dharmapuri districts
102. A land bank with an estimated 1.5 Lakh acres will be set up across the state to enable the prospective entrepreneurs. Not even 1 sq. ft of cultivable land will be acquired for this purpose
103. The free electricity provided to the small and medium farmers will be increased from 50 units to 100 units.
104. The Govt. will provide 90% of the raw materials as subsidy for the power loom weavers to set up solar power generators
105. A textile park will be established in pallaadam and a textile market to sell the produce out of power loom
106. The Govt. will guarantee an annual increment of the income for powerloom weavers

Inward investment & Economic Commissionerates

107. The state will be divided into 5 Economic Regions and each region will have a ‘Regional Economic commissionerate’ with an Economic commissioner at the rank of Chief / Additional Chief secretary appointed for each region
108. The RECs will explore opportunities and promote the region for attracting investment proposals from within India and abroad. The will be vested with an accountability to develop the economy of each region in terms of inward- investment and job creation.
109. The RECs will study the developments across the world and propose to the government the feasibility of implementing such developments in the region/ state
110. Exclusive industry and investment cell will be set up in all CECs to advise the new investors or address issues faced by current investor for necessary government intervention or to facilitate meetings with the Chief Minister
111. The Chief Minister along with RECs and a business delegation from the state will attend the major world business conferences and economic forums in an effort to attract investment into the state as an economic ambassador himself


112. The government will ensure a minimum of one job per family
113. 5 Lakh government jobs will be provided to youth
114. Skill-based training will be given to nearly 2 Crore youth to make them employable
115. Loans will be granted for those interested in self-employment. The Government will provide guarantee and arrange for loans for starting business in the unorganized sector
116. The youth will be encouraged to start co-operative clusters and the Government will provide subsided loans to commence business for them
117. The government will provide seed funding of 10 Lakhs either as loan or as equity to new start-ups who will generate minimum 10 jobs

Information Technology Sector

118. The IT sector employees always face the danger of being laid off increasingly without any job security. Efforts will be taken to ensure that laid off employees are assisted in developing new skills and finding new jobs. A separate cell under the IT ministry will be set up for this purpose
119. The IT employees who have been laid off will be provided reskilling or upskilling training at the cost of the Govt.
120. Special night service buses will be operated for the IT sector employees

Mission 1 Crore Jobs

121. A special plan will be rolled out to create 1 Crore jobs. The road map for the same is as follows:
122. Tamil Nadu as International Warehousing Hub: The world is going through a major challenge in the logistics sector. The State has 6 major ports and 20 minor ports. By leveraging the port infrastructure and further expanding it, Tamil Nadu can become a global warehousing hub with modern infrastructure to handle international cargo. The state will invest in modern infrastructure to handle international cargo and set up a mega warehousing facility as a case study in the entire country. Minor ports will be used effectively for Inter- State transportation which will reduce vehicular pollution
123. Kadalur and Nagapattinam ports belonging to the State Govt. will be further expanded
124. As the Chief Minister, Dr. Anbumani Ramadoss will himself personally as an Ambassador of the State travel to attract investments to start automobile businesses in Chennai and textile businesses in Coimbatore
Tamil Nadu will be positioned as an international healthcare destination. It can be achieved through the following measures:
125. Tamil Nadu will be positioned as a research healthcare hub for the world
126. Chennai and Coimbatore will be converted as medical tourism destinations
127. Tamil Nadu will be positioned as India’s major healthcare IT/ BPO capital of the world
128. Leveraging the acute shortage of high quality nursing talent across the world (Male & Female). The State will start large scale nursing institutes in partnership with developed countries and produce trained nurses who would be deployed to the much needed foreign countries
129. Quantum Leap in Exports: Coimbatore and Tirupur cities will be given priority to start more number of textile units to generate large number of jobs which will in turn help Tamil Nadu in its economic growth and exports
130. Currently the overall exports in Tamil Nadu stand at Rs.1.90 Lakh Crores. The IT exports stand at Rs.78, 400 Crores. This will be doubled
131. By the above measures, 1 Crore jobs will be created in the next 5 years

Economic Development

132. An Economic Advisory Council will be set up to provide counsel to the Chief Minister on matters relating to economic development
133. The Govt. will take efforts to raise the economic development rate of the State by 10 percent
134. 5 percent of additional surcharge levied on sugar will be withdrawn
135. Land guideline value will be considerably reduced
Rs.1 Lakh worth of services free per year for a family
136. Since education, healthcare and agriculture-related items are freely given; every family can save up to Rs.1 Lakh a year. This could be considered as 1 Lakh in cash given free to each family
137. A special scheme will be implemented to lessen the Government’s loan burden. Through this special plan, the Govt. will add Rs.1.08 Lakh Crores as additional revenue
138. These steps will help reduce the government’s deficit and hence curb the government from taking any further loans

Infrastructure Facility

139. Roads in all districts will be made two lanes and All State highways will be converted into 4-Lane roads
140. All the district headquarters will be linked to Chennai through the national highway
141. The 4 lane East Coast Road from Chennai to Kanyakumari will be converted into 6-Lanes
142. A clause will be included in the contract that those who lay the roads will have to maintain them for the initial five years
143. An effort will be taken to ensure an east coast railway line between Chennai and Kanyakumari
144. A new port will be established at Kulachal. Flight services to Vellore will be initiated
145. The Tamil Nadu Infrastructure Authority will be constituted to assess the infrastructure requirements of the State in advance for efficient planning

Tamil Nadu sans Huts/ Slums

146. A census of all slum dwellers and those living in huts will be undertaken. In the next two years, the Govt. will construct concrete houses enabled with solar power facility and toilets. The hut/slum dwellers will be given these concrete houses
147. Night shelters will be built for the migrant workers in cities like Chennai, Tirupur etc.


148. Bus fares will be reduced
149. Omni bus fares will be regulated
150. Government buses will be provided with comforts on par with the Omni buses in order to be competitive
151. Toll fee will be revoked at toll gates running at a profit
152. Corruption at all levels in government Transport Corporations will be eliminated and a situation will be created where government buses will run on a profit basis
153. The pending arrears of Rs.2000 Crores, due to the retired staff of the Government Transport Corporation will be paid immediately
154. Chennai Metro Rail service will be extended. Coimbatore, Madurai, Salem, Trichy and Tirunelveli will have metro rail service
155. Tamil Nadu State Govt. will contribute 50% of the estimate to the central Govt. to expedite the ongoing railway projects in the State
156. Bus Rapid Transit system will be implemented in Chennai


157. Electricity bills will be reduced by 15% through electricity departmental reforms
158. The electricity bill be down by 25% through the introduction of monthly once bill payment instead of once in two months
159. An expert committee will be formed to revitalize the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board. Its recommendations will be obtained in 3 months and put into action
160. Through electricity department reforms, the electricity board will be made to make profits
161. New power projects will be implemented so that Tamil Nadu really becomes a power surplus State

Solar Power

162. 1 Mega Watt each solar power plants will be set up in all the 12,500 panchayats in Tamil Nadu. This will be implemented as a 10 year plan. Power will be supplied to the houses from the solar plant
163. Rooftop solar power generation will be encouraged. The Govt. will procure rooftop generated power at fair cost
164. Electricity Regulatory Authority will be restructured as per electricity act


165. Pure potable water will be made available to everyone in Tamil Nadu
166. Water purification centers will be set up in all the panchayats where ground water contamination is reported through R-O process
167. The Govt. will ensure that hygienic drinking water is made available for people living in the city through pipelines
168. The Govt. will ensure that 135 litres of drinking water including 40 litres of water required for cooking is made available for people living in urban areas
169. Effective steps will be taken to increase the ground water level
170. The government will take necessary steps to solve all problems of water sharing immediately
171. Cauvery Management Tribunal will be set up to solve the Cauvery water issue

Social Justice

172. Steps will be taken to protect 69% reservation
173. The Tamil Nadu Govt. will undertake a caste-wise census in Tamil Nadu
174. With the approval of the Supreme Court, the 100% reservation policy will be implemented
175. Steps will be taken for reservation in the private sector

Social Welfare

176. An integrated family smart card will be provided to each family to avail government services through State owned ration shops
177. A monthly allowance of Rs.3, 000/- will be given to all educated people unemployed even after 5 years of their registration in the employment exchange
178. All people above 60 years of age will be given a monthly pension of Rs.2, 000/-. Citizens need not apply for their pension. The government will identify them based on government records and grant them their pension amount
179. Destitute women, widows, unemployable differently abled people each will be given a monthly pension of Rs.2, 500

Minorities Welfare

180. The Govt. will take necessary steps to ensure that reservation in education and employment is made available for minorities on the basis of census
181. Those languishing in prison for more than 15 years will be released on mercy
182. The welfare and rights of the religious minorities like Christians, Muslims and others will be protected

Scheduled Caste/ Scheduled Tribes Welfare

183. The welfare of SC and ST will be exceptionally implemented with a special focused plan
184. The budget allocation for SC and ST boys and girls towards education scholarship will be increased by 50%
185. Special programs for SC and ST will be implemented
186. Those vacancies not filled in the Govt. sector, an effort will be taken to fill the position through special employment orders
187. Annual scavenging will be totally abolished

Backward Class Welfare

188. The Tamil Nadu Govt. will insist the center to accord constitutional status to the national commission for backward classes
189. A reservation law at national level for backward classes will be insisted to the center
190. The Tamil Nadu Govt. will insist the center on the removal of creamy layer amongst the backward classes. In the interim, the income limit for the creamy layer will be increased from Rs.5 Lakhs to Rs.12 Lakhs
191. It will be addressed to the center that in the central Govt’s education and employment reservation, if the non creamy layer are not available, the position can be filled with the creamy layer through a GO

Welfare Schemes for the Differently Abled

192. The Govt. will take action to implement 3% reservation in full for the differently abled in education and employment
193. The vacancies in arrears for the differently abled will be computed and filled. The monthly allowance will be raised to Rs.3000 per month

Milk Producer’s Welfare

194. Aavin’s intake capacity will be increased to purchase any amount of milk from the milk producers
195. Aavin’s purchase limit will be increased to 50,000 litre’s per day.

Weavers- Fishermen Welfare

196. Weavers of silk and handloom fabric will get a 40% pay hike in their daily wages
197. Silk parks will be set up in Kanchipuram, Aarani, Kumbakonam and Thirubuvanam
198. Loans taken by weavers from cooperative banks will be waived off
199. Weavers will be given loans at a low interest rate
200. The Govt. will take necessary steps to promote the fishing industry and also increase the use of fish
201. Boats and fishing nets will be supplied at subsidised rates
202. Deep-sea fishing will be encouraged
203. All possible steps will be taken to get back the KachaTheevu. The Govt. will also take necessary steps to retrieve all the boats seized by the Sri Lankan Navy
204. The off-season allowance given to fishermen will be doubled

Traders Welfare

205. Tax restructuring and reforms relating to traders demand will be fulfilled
206. Debit and credit card swiping machines will be provided to the small traders through banking subsidy. The Govt. will bear the subsidy for the same
207. Small traders and small industries fee insurance will be provided

Teachers – Government Servants Welfare

208. The monthly salary of Govt. employees will be paid bi- monthly into equal installments instead of once a month for better family budget planning and management
209. The New Pension Policy will be withdrawn and the old pension scheme will be revived
210. The Seventh-pay commission recommendations will be implemented
211. As interim relief 15% will be added to the basic pay and granted
212. 2000 crores worth pension benefits due to transport corporation pensioners will be payed immediately
213. Transport department employees will be given the status of Govt. employees
214. 50% of Dearness Allowance will be merged with the basic pay
215. State government employees will be paid on a par with central government employees
216. Pay anomalies for teachers at different levels will be removed
217. Promotion after every 10 years will be ensured for teachers and government servants
218. Ad-hoc teachers working in school and colleges and part-time servants in government offices will be regularized and put on pay scales
219. A special commission headed by a Secretary to Government will be set up to look into the grievances of the government servants and address them as appropriate

Women & Transgender Welfare

220. 33% reservation will be earmarked for women in police forces
221. Additional three universities for women will be set up in Chennai, Dharmapuri and Kanniyakumari respectively
222. ‘LADIES ONLY BUSSES’ will be introduced in all the districts in Tamil Nadu
223. The State government will urge the central government to increase the legal marital age for women to 21 years
224. Child nutrition will be provided to ensure that there is no malnutrition in the State
225. The Govt. will grant reservation for transgender women both in education and employment
226. The Govt. will set up homes for the transgender women who have been separated from their homes to ensure their safety

Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowment

227. All the property belonging to temples will be redeemed
228. Encroachments into temple land will be removed
229. There will be no Govt. intervention into administration of the Hindu religious and charitable endowment
230. Historic temples will be rehabilitated
231. Desilting of temple ponds will be ensured

Mosques & Churches

232. Vaqs board property will be redeemed
233. Petitions relating to places of worship will be fulfilled
234. Electricity bills for Temples, Mosques and Churches will be reduced by 40%

Press Welfare

235. 3% from Govt. advertisements will be contributed to press welfare fund
236. Minimum wages for press as per Justice Majithia Committee recommendation will be ensured
237. Monthly pension will be increased to Rs 15,000 per month. New health insurance, housing and rental schemes will be implemented. Press reporters will be provided 90% subsidised loan to buy laptops and free internet connection will be provided

Cinema & Entertainment

238. Pirated VCD’s will be totally banned
238. Chennai will be reinstated as the cinema capital of the South
240. Through private participation, world class shooting locations in Chennai will be set up
241. Shooting fee to shoot at government buildings and government owned locations will be reduced
242. An animation park with all facilities will be set up in Chennai
243. Complete freedom will be to cinema as a creative industry. There will be no Govt. intervention or influence neither any individual domination will be entertained
244. A special program will be implemented to encourage best quality movies at small budgets

Price Rise & Ration

245. The PMK will not accept Shantha Kumar for committee recommendations, as it will pave way for shutting of direct paddy procurement centers and ration shops
246. All ration shops will be computerised
247. All ration items will be provided throughout the week
248. Rice and pulses as given at subsidized rates will continue at ration shops. However 20 kg rice sacks will be given and others will be given in 1kg packs
249. Part time ration shops will be opened to places where maximum number of ration cards are 200 and above

Price Rise Control

250. Poverty eradication for majority is possible through price rise control measures.
251. 10,000 multi retail ration shops will be opened across Tamil Nadu.
252. Organic stores will be extended across Tamil Nadu
253. Organic procurement centers at district level with fair price will be ensured

Youth Welfare- Sports

254. To ensure that the youth get employed soon after their studies, the Govt. will introduce knowledge, skill and vocational education in schools and colleges
255. General knowledge, computer knowledge, English language enhancement, interview skills training will be provided to the youth
256. 1 Crore jobs as a special mission for the youth will be rolled out


257. Playgrounds will be established across Tamil Nadu wherever possible
258. Fitness centers will be set up in all panchayats
259. Players quality will be enhanced to ensure entry into international sports
260. All round sports development across athletics, gymnastics, football, hockey, basketball, tennis, badminton etc.

Natural Resource Conservation

261. All granite and mineral sand quarries will be regulated by the Government
262. Under the supervision of the Supreme Court, a Special Investigation Team will be formed to look into the cases concerning the exploitation of granite, minerals and river sand by private operators

Srilankan Tamil Welfare

263. The Union Government will be urged to enact a law for Srilankan Tamils and refugees rights
264. Measures will be taken to provide dual citizenship to Sri Lankan Tamils. The refugees living in Tamil Nadu will be treated with dignity
265. The refugees living in Tamil Nadu will be provided all facilities on par with the people of Tamil Nadu
266. The Govt. of Tamil Nadu will give voice for general consensus towards Tamil Eelam and for international investigation over genocide

Urban Development

267. The State Govt. will take necessary steps to speed up the developmental process in the the 12 smart cities as identified by the central government
268. Free wifi will be made available by the Govt. at public places like bus stops, parks etc.
269. Bus facilities in metropolitan cities will be doubled
270. By implementing the zero garbage method, garbage and garbage bunds will be eliminated
271. Air pollution will be controlled to ensure that we breathe hygienic air
272. Parks, playgrounds and tourist spots will be improved

Law & Order

273. 8-hour duty limit for police personnel’s will be stipulated
274. Promotions and housing facilities will be given for police personnel’s
275. Promotion once in 7 years will be ensured for policemen. At the time of retirement, it will be ensured that the policemen reach inspector level in promotion
276. All the privileges given to the Army will be extended to the police force
277. Police canteens housing goods at subsidised rates will be set up in all district headquarters
278. A special police wing will be formulated to stop sexual atrocities
279. Stern action will be taken against those involved in anti- social activities against women

Prison Department

280. Prisons will not be punishment centers instead; prison reforms will aim at reforming the convicts
281. The prison manual will be revised in order to ensure that human rights violation are completely stopped

Law & Justice

282. The Govt. will take necessary steps to set up a branch of the Supreme Court in Tamil Nadu
283. A team headed by the Chief Minister will urge the Central Government to implement Tamil as the language of Court proceedings.
284. The Govt. will take necessary measures to hear and judge all cases pending for more than 5 years in the next one year
285. Each police station will be provided with a lawyer to offer legal assistance to the people

Environment Conservation

286. Water, air and soil pollution will be totally controlled
287. Deterioration of water resources will be addressed. Rivers and river beds will be protected
288. Integrated River Basin Management (IRBM) across 17 river basins will be implemented. River Regulation Zone (RRZ) laws will be introduced

Solid Waste Management

289. Zero waste procedure will be practiced in order to find a permanent solution to segregation of waste. The Govt. of India solid waste management law- 2016 will be implemented
290. Use and throw polythene/plastic bags will be banned. Stringent laws will be enforced in this regard
291. Projects that affect the environment like the Methane Project, GAIL Pipeline Project etc will be banned
292. Kodaikannal mercury disposal remediation will be done at an international standard


293. The Tamil Nadu Government will join hands with the other State CMs to declare all the 22 languages including Tamil as official languages in the eighth schedule of the Indian Constitution
294. The Govt. will take necessary steps to conduct national level entrance and competitive examinations in Tamil
295. The Govt. will make necessary arrangements to facilitate students willing to learn other Indian languages and foreign languages


296. The number of Chennai metropolitan buses will be raised to 8000
297. Bus travel will be made free by the government in Chennai
298. The express bus service plan will be implemented in Chennai
299. Cycle transport scheme will be implemented in Chennai
300. Water passages like the Coovam, Adayar river etc. will be cleaned and beautified

Secretariat City

301. A secretariat city will be established on the outskirts of Chennai city. The secretariat city will house the following- Secretariat, Assembly House, Departmental Offices, Residential Complexes for Ministers and Legislatures, Park, Sports facilities, shopping complexes, schools etc.


302. Kanyakumari will be declared a green tourist destination. All green spots in the district will be developed into tourist attraction spots
303. To spread the unique facets about Tamil culture to people across other States in India including foreigners from other countries, cultural tourism will be introduced and promoted
304. Tourism based on various unique concepts like herbal tourism, water-fall tourism, story – telling tourism will be organised and promoted
305. Spiritual tourism will be expanded across all parts of Tamil Nadu.

General Problems

306. Necessary steps will be taken to revive Jalli kattu (Bull-taming) competition being conducted in the State
307. Construction materials like cement, sand, blue metal etc. will be sold by the government at subsidised rates
308. November 1st being the day Tamil Nadu was formed, it will be observed as ‘ Thamizhaga Peruvizha’
309. In honour of Dr. Radhakrishnan, the first man from Tamil Nadu to become President of India, a massive library will be built in his name at his native place
310. A science and technology university will be established in honour of Dr. Abdul Kalam- the man who won the hearts of students world- wide.
311. State monuments will be established for Mr. Narayanaswamy Naidu who has fought for the rights of farmers and Nature’s scientist Nam aazhvaar
312. In order to spread Tamil classical music, Tamil music schools will be established in every district.

Read the full PMK Manifesto here!

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