Democracy in Tamil Nadu: A System That Functions with Money.

Democracy in Tamil Nadu: A System That Functions with Money.

25 nov

Democracy is a well-known term to all of us. Though India is one of the oldest civilizations in the world, as a nation, it is fairly young. Indian gained its independence in 1947, and it became a democracy in 1950. Though it is understood that democracy means the people have the ultimate power, it is completely misunderstood due to the political circus in the country. Equality, liberty and justice still remains only as a constitutional goal and nobody can ascertain its function in the real world. Unfortunately, today, intolerance can be prominently seen in the country. The big parties that we cast our votes to, believing they would do great good to the country and to us, are in fact not able to live-up to the expectations. It goes without saying that one can get anything done, provided he has a little extra money in his pocket. A little cash transfer under the table can get your job done smoothly. This is completely against the law and opposes the very basis and structure of what the country was built on.

This is the case in the city of Tamil Nadu too. Decades of Dravidian rule has put the state in deep trouble and the citizens are bearing the bad effects of oppression and bad governance. The term democracy is taken for granted and people’s hopes, for a toss. The state is in a very bad shape with huge marginal differences in the standard of living between certain societies and also in terms of employment opportunities between different people. Large vacancies in government positions have attributed for irregular work and weak performance of the government. For example, if a person needs a signature from a government official to get his work done, it is only possible with the show of an envelope first. The system that functions only with money, is one that won’t survive for long. Corruption is rampant and the media merely act as mules and play deaf to the false claims and atrocities done by the opposition parties. There is no check on the constitutional morality and code of professionalism in the state government. This has to change soon before it becomes too late to do anything about it. This will require the people to come out as one, in strong opposition to atrocities and injustice.

People are extremely unhappy about this and are looking for a change starting from the highest level of governance. A change in the complete functioning of the system is necessary to weed out corruption. A change that will let people see the light of the day, the brighter side of things, an assurance that good days are not far away. They need a young and dynamic government that will work for the people and not themselves and their families alone. People need not only hope and reassurance that their problems will be solved but practical solutions to implement them, so the people and the state progress together towards betterment. A stable government that will strive to bring down the gap between the rich and the poor and one that would strive for job creation in all sectors. See that the youth get decent paying jobs and are not influenced by social evils like alcohol and tobacco. They need a government that will bring down the poverty in the state and not just talk about the poor during election rallies. People vote for a party in good faith and it is the duty of the party to see that they fulfil the wishes of its people which is not the case today. The state’s PMK party is showing that kind of promise and the people are very optimistic about the party’s attitude in dealing with real world problems. The coming assembly elections will be very crucial and we implore people to join us in the movement against corruption. Change and Progress with Anbumani, Change and progress for Tamil Nadu.


From the Office of Dr.Anbumani

  • karthigayan
    Posted at 12:55h, 31 December Reply


    PMK for 2016

  • RAJU .D
    Posted at 13:12h, 31 December Reply


    Write your comment here…ஊழலற்ற தமிழகத்தை உருவாக்குவோம்….

  • RAJU .D
    Posted at 13:14h, 31 December Reply


    Write your comment here…ஊழலற்ற தமிழகத்தை உருவாக்குவோம்.

  • K.Vetrivel M.Tech
    Posted at 06:27h, 24 January Reply


    Dear Sir
    As I mentioned my comments during ur Tukluk speech, Pls announce your 50% candidates who must be graduate with some experience in politics for contesting election to reach out public and their acceptance in advance to election. It is important to win more than 120 seats to rule Tamil Nadu. You may consider alliance, the possible options are BJP and IJK as on date. You may ask other state good Chief Ministers whoever possible to support our party, since TN is mix up of various state people. I wish you All the very Best. You can also reach youths through Whatsapp groups, I can take a lead to form group

  • Sasikumar
    Posted at 15:27h, 02 February Reply


    மாற்றம் முன்னேற்றம் அன்புமணி

  • viswa
    Posted at 22:58h, 29 February Reply


    Dear CM
    Kindly create a feedback mail id it is useful for fine tuening our status

  • Sudagar Jothi
    Posted at 21:23h, 17 March Reply


    Why don’t you do campaign against ‘Money for Vote’. If you do it, it will be great attraction for common youngster like us…

    1. Every house (after house owner accepts) hang this slogan like ‘NO MONEY FOR MY VOTE’ (as a social campaign)…
    It will give more popular to your party (but don’t put party symbol – but you will get popular by other sources ).

    -All the best…

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